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Poster: Scrim Date: Aug 14, 2007 5:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Joke Deleted

ahhh, jeez, my usual self coming in to support any cause that get's everybody riled up. I'm the guy who steps in to stop a fight only to find out the guy deserved it. And besides, someone told me to Grow Up last week because they didn't like my bad jokes: Here I come!

Oh well, something to post about. Haven't been listening to any new and exciting Dead lately, working too much. I have had Ladies and Gentlemen... in the car CD player for too long. Made some good meatballs the other night (9 pounds worth) am going to make a nice sauce tonight for them so I can have meatball hoagies till they come out my ears (meatballs, marinara, provolone in a fresh toasted bun, baked in a hot oven until everything melts together in bliss.) Made a good chicken pot pie the other night, only took second set of some 87 show from start to finish. Pot pie anything kicks ass. And by the way, I don't cook for a living, it's just the thing that makes me not think about work. Beer is my life, but that doesn't pay the bills either. But after some posts last week, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who yo-yo's back in forth. Been doing it my whole life, and nobody can understand excatly what another one feels. Must be that everyone is like that I guess. All of us hoping that the other person is on the upswing to balance it all out, and that we can balance out someone else. Back to the fleshy world, as you were men.